Vision Statement

‘Living and Learning Together with God’s Help’

This is our schools’ mission statement and it encompasses everything we do.

Our vision is for all children to believe in themselves and develop a love of lifelong learning and a sense of community, as we grow together as part of God’s family.

To help the children understand this vision we teach the story of Jesus with his family on a visit to Jerusalem becoming separated from his parents and after three days being found by them in the Temple, Luke 2. 41-49. Jesus said to his parents, “didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house”.

We live together: Jesus relatives and friends were travelling and sharing together at the feast of Passover in Jerusalem.

We learn together: Jesus himself was learning through talking and listening to the teachers in the Temple.

Jesus was saying that it was natural for him to want to be with his Father. This is the heart of our mission statement, being with God and having his help as we live and learn together in all that we are and seek to be.