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Welcome to St Leonard's CE Primary Academy

I hope that you will find St Leonard's CE Primary Academy to be a warm and welcoming place where everyone is treated with respect and kindness. St Leonard's is a small village school, closely involved in the community that it serves. Links with parents/carers, the church and other local groups are strong by design as well as by tradition. These things contribute to the family atmosphere which we particularly cherish. Above all else we aim to make this a secure and happy place where children can learn.

The ethos of St Leonard's CE Primary Academy is firmly grounded in the Christian tradition, belief in the love of God, and a concern and respect for all people. St Leonard's is an Academy School, originally founded by the Church of England, and has a religious character that is protected by law. You are very welcome to visit the school and talk to the people here.

I look forward to meeting you.

Jane Wheatley

Head Teacher

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Living Eggs

I am sure that the children will have told you all about the chicks in school. Ten eggs were delivered on Monday, and I am pleased to say that they have all successfully hatched. The staff are as fascinated by them as the children! We will be learning more about eggs, chicks and hens next week.

Please take a moment to watch our 3 videos below:

Chicks Hatching #1

Chicks Hatching #2

Chicks Hatching #3

School Updates

World War I

During our WW1 topic we designed and created Zeppelins!

Summer Concert

We have just done our Summer Concert, it was called Wonderful Water. Check it out!

Our Rainforest Trip

Come check out some pictures from the Year 1's trip to The Living Rainforest!

Last updated 22nd May 2015

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01793 721423

St Leonard's CE Primary Academy, Linley Road, Blunsdon, Swindon, SN26 7AP


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